Portland is a very sex-positive town, and our strippers are fierce, independent women who are very proud of what they do. And they do it well! So behave like the locals: If you’re sitting up at the rack next to the stage, bring some dollar bills and tip often and with gusto. Because you’d expect to get paid for your work, right? Show some respect, and then lean back and have a great time at any of these upstanding Portland strip clubs.

Mary’s Club (129 SW Broadway)
Mary’s has been in the stripping business for more than 50 years and is beloved for many reasons, including the black velvet paintings, its proximity to downtown, the dancers soundtracking their performances by picking songs from the jukebox, all-women bartenders, and solid burritos from the Mexican joint next door, Santeria.

Sassy’s (927 SE Morrison)
This is one of the most popular strip clubs in town, and probably the most fun. Sassy’s boasts an impressive tap list, a rowdy and happy atmosphere, and lots of very nice tattooed hipster types.

Union Jacks Club (938 E Burnside)
If you miss the old-style strip clubs of Vegas, Union Jacks is the place for you: lots of plush red velvet and vinyl, and a small cover charge to keep out the overly drunk undesirables. Plus you might just see a rock star who wandered over from the nearby Doug Fir Lounge and Jupiter Hotel.

Kit Kat Club (231 SW Ankeny)
One of Portland’s favorite downtown clubs, Kit Kat provides a fun atmosphere, good drinks, and dancers who are highly skilled and ethnically diverse. Big and inviting, the space is a fancy breath of fresh air in the neighborhood. (Plus it’s located right next to the popular Voodoo Doughnuts—if you’re a tourist who likes to kill two birds with one stone.)

Devil’s Point (5305 SE Foster)
Strip clubs don’t get much more “Portland-y” than Devil’s Point, which specializes in dancers of the tattooed and rock ‘n’ roll variety, strong drinks, a divey atmosphere... and best of all... “stripperoke.” (Yep, dancers strip while you sing karaoke. Top that. Oh wait...you can’t.)

Lucky Devil Lounge (633 SE Powell)
Highly regarded for its steaks and bar food, Lucky Devil also boasts a luxurious interior and beautiful dancers who are particularly athletic, performing many of their routines with aid from overhead monkey bars. They’ve got a great patio, too.

The Acropolis Steakhouse (8325 SE McLoughlin)
Another granddaddy on the Portland strip scene, the Acropolis prospers on the outskirts of town by luring in customers with cheap steaks, a salad bar (!), a wide-ranging tap list, multiple stages, and lots of talented dancers.


Club Rouge (403 SW Stark)
Dancin’ Bare (8440 N Interstate)
DV8 (5021 SE Powell)
Club 205 (9939 SE Stark)
Casa Diablo (2839 NW St. Helens)