--So you thought the gay and lesbian film fest was boring and mainstream? Fear not, o queer ones, Emulsion Trough is here. One night of experimental film and video-- all gay, all good. KD

Hollywood Theater, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd, 281-4215, 8-10 pm, $4, all ages

DANCE--Like popcorn on a hot skillet, the dancers of the Bebe Miller Company are frenetic and quirky and, somehow in the midst all of the commotion, elegant. The New York-based dance troupe has received round after round of praise, applause and jaw-dropping admiration. Come see the stand-up act that the critics are falling over themselves for. PB

Wieden & Kennedy Atrium, 219 NW 12th Ave, 242-1419, 8 pm, $18


ELECTRONIC--KPSU (1450 AM) has the best selection of airwave beats in town, thanks to many of the DJs spinning Texture. A benefit to keep the tradition going, you can hear the likes of Australia's Phil Chan, R Ka Tek, Tronic, Mira & Valence, Elliott, and more! JS

Fifth Avenue Cinemas, 510 SW Hall, 9 pm-3 am, $5 suggested donation, all ages

MUSIC--Not even a year after its inception, Made for TV Movie has already completed a U.S. tour and made a porn video! (See pg 17 for elaboration.)

Now, celebrate their first CD release with a jug-full of distortion and hot, hot riffs. With The Opera Cycle and Machine That Flashes. JS

Meow Meow, 527 SE Pine, 230-2111, 9 pm, $5, all ages


JEFF HELLIS--By day, he's a scrappy Mercury employee. Sometimes he takes out my trash! By night, he becomes sensitive, quiet, and empathetic, as he drums in Carissa's Wierd. Catch their drizzly-soft, introspective chords, and vocals in their first Portland appearance since they became locals--and bask in Jeff's tattooed glory. Performing with The City and The Stars, and Two Play Color. JS

Meow Meow, 527 SE Pine, 230-2111, 9 pm, $6, all ages

NOV 19

SALSA--Can you shake it? This competition's less about character and more about hot hip action, when you salsa your boo-tay to the sounds of Latin Expression. The couple with the hot, hot, hottest moves could win a $500 prize! JS

Salsa Competition, Crystal Ballroom, 1335 W Burnside, dance lessons from 6-8 pm, music/competition 8-12 pm, $10-12, all ages


FILM--Director Steven Soderbergh goes noir on your ass with The Underneath, an almost-forgotten gem from 1995. Peter Gallagher plays a recovering gambling addict who gets seduced into going after one more big score. Moody, sexy, and stylish all rolled into one!
WSHGuild Theatre, 820 SW 9th Ave, 221-1156, 7 pm, $6

MUSIC--Like a prayer candle lit inside your heart, it's the secret of the unknown and unexplained. I vehemently believe The Intima channel the secret of the universe through their violin-driven, crackling, cerebral punk. With Paris, TX. JS

Meow Meow, 527 SE Pine, 230-2111, 9 pm, $6, all ages


ART--Morris Graves' futurist and silly installations remind you of Dr. Seuss if he had pursued a career in engineering. A composite of boat propellers, stained-glass speaker cones, and sleek steel girders, Graves' pieces look more like a martian hi-fi than high-minded art. PB

Lewis & Clark Contemporary Gallery, 0615 SW Palatine Hill Road, 768-7687, Tues-Sat 11-4, Thurs 7-9


MUSIC-Believe it or not, there is more than one humpty in the world. And the original humpty hump is humpier than ever, bringing his hump-arific beats to portland. Remember his delicious early '90s hit, "The Humpty Dance?" Who knows how these crazy rhymers managed to come out of an age of hip hop dominated by gangsta rap and crazy R & B. But who cares. Digital Underground are more like a revisit to Parliament--weird, crazy, good, and funky. KD

Pinestreet Theater, 215 SE 9th Ave, $13-$15, 9 pm