On the Mercury cover this week is the photography of NYC artist Arielle Bobb-Willis'.

Arielle Bobb-Willis

Taking back the preppy color palette of the 80s and reliving it in the urban scene of NYC today on 35mm, Arielle Bobb-Willis' photography empowers a connection between kids today and kids of yesteryear. Working with her peers as models, she's constantly shape shifting and color blocking, exploring what this body can do for expression when words are not there to dictate.

Arielle Bobb-Willis

The lack of showing face in her photography seems to even go as far to say I don't need you to see me to be seen. There's a protection of identity happening here, while still celebrating the individual.

Arielle Bobb-Willis

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And you can't say that she makes it look easy. Each photo is a fully realized portrait, curating a specific look and contoured body shape which doesn't repeat itself in nature.

Arielle Bobb-Willis

Art that resonates today is troublesome and unapologetic, strong characteristics which flourish in Arielle's work and subjects. At a time when our political climate is a raging wild fire, it's art like Bobb-Willis' which we need to see our generational similiarities and not just our differences.

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