Why not stop by New Deal Distillery [1311 SE 9th Avenue] tomorrow for Season’s Eatings, their holiday booze and food bazaar? It’s an event perfect for a whole bunch of different people: Drunks! Foodies! Foodie Drunks! People Married to Foodie Drunks! People Who Don’t Like Shopping Unless There is Booze Involved Somehow!

A canned food item or cash donation to the Oregon Food Bank will get you entry to the event, where you’ll be able to sample products from the likes of Tails n’ Trotters, Xocolatl de David, Monteillet fromagerie, and many more.

Also, new Deal will be sampling their Mud Puddle Chocolate Vodka, Clawfoot Gin, as well as all the other favorites made by the distillery. The event runs from noon to 5 pm.

If you find yourself downtown this weekend, remember to hit the Holiday Ale Fest! Here are some tips:

Drink water while you taste. There are few hangovers more aggressive than those brought about by sugary highly alcoholic brews.

Grab a taste of something before you get in line for the Jims. I’ll recommend Cascade’s Sang Noir. The big sour brew will keep you satisfied while you wait.

Get in line for the Jims. Seriously.

Do not ask random women if they were the inspiration for “Holly” the Holiday Ale Fest mascot. It’s just wrong.


Also! Guys! There is a huge porta-urinal in the back of the porta-john area. Just FYI. Ladies, you’ll still have to wait, but at least the porta-urinal takes away some of the competition.