Iran accuses the west of supporting anti-government protesters—umm... and that would be because we do support the anti-government protesters.

Iranian official thinks that demonstrators deserve "the harshest punishment." Gee, why would they think we support the protesters?

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says Russia needs to develop more offensive weapons In an effort to "keep up with the Joneses" (the "Joneses" would be the United States rather than Nikita Jones across the street).

China executes an allegedly mentally ill British citizen on drug smuggling charges.

Accused plane bomber's internet postings suggest he was "lonely, depressed, and fervently religious." SURPRISE!

Charlie Sheen's wife has accused the actor of pinning her on a bed, putting a knife to her throat and threatening to kill her... in this week's very special episode of Two and a Half Men!

Turns out that photo TMZ acquired featuring JFK partying on a yacht with nude ladies was a hoax. In a related story, the universe hates us.

Say goodbye to that winning streak—Blazers lose to the 76ers, 104-93.

Best Buy is offering the "social app" TweetDeck for free if you buy some of their select CDs. OR IF YOU PREFER, you can just download it for free from the TweetDeck site. Hmmm... choices... choices.