This just in from the Oregonian: A transgender woman is suing the city for more than $200,000, claiming a Portland police officer roughly grabbed her breasts and genitalia during a search after a traffic stop two years ago.

According to the O's story, Chloe Lucero, 27, was pulled over by officer Kevin Macho after a birthday brunch with her family. In the suit, she says Macho falsely accused her driving while drinking and and then dragged her out of the car, where he groped her roughly. The suit also says that although Lucero appears to be a man, she identifies herself as a woman on her driver's license and that Macho was aware of the distinction.

The suit was filed Friday at the Multnomah County courthouse. Lucero's attorney, Dan DeNorch, did not return the Mercury's call seeking comment, nor was he reached for comment in the Oregonian story. The city attorney's office also declined to speak to the Oregonian.

Police spokeswoman Lt. Kelli Sheffer did talk, however, but not about the specifics of the case. She told the O that patdowns are routine and that usually, but not always, they're performed by an officer of the same gender as the suspect. She also said she didn't know of any specific policy addressing transgender suspects.