42 Coordinated Attacks: A string of terrifying coordinated bombings made yesterday the deadliest day of the year in Iraq.

Florida: The Most Dangerous Place to Walk. The top four most deadly cities for pedestrians are all in Florida. And it's not just because of the old people.

Gaddafi's Last Stand: The Libyan leader and rebels are preparing for a violent showdown.

Back on Top: Another financial rating company, Fitch, gave American a AAA. Take that, troubling financial reality!

Google Grab: The internet giant has decided to swallow up a cell phone company, grinding our bones to make its bread.

Collar Bomber Collared: The extortionist who strapped a fake bomb to an Australian teenager has been caught in Kentucky. Of course.

Indian Police Arrest 1,200 Protestors: Police in New Delhi arrest hundreds of protesters supporting a hunger strike against corruption.

"Stop Acting Like Sperm Donors": Philadelphia's mayor has fiery words for "flash mobs" that apparently rove around attacking people.

San Francisco Transit Protest: BART shuts down stations after protestors wearing those V for Vendetta masks and chanting "No justice, no peace" invade trains.

American Apparel is Selling Rice Paddy Hats. Try them with porny spandex!


Hit and Run Driver in Court: The teen suspected of causing the death of a cyclist last week was arraigned for five crimes on Monday.