Honey Lavender / Grape Soda Float

Sending more customers to Salt & Straw is like recommending brunch at Screen Door, or touting the many virtues of the sun. However, something has been eating at me lately, and that is the search for a personal "root beer float" combination there. Red Velvet ice cream with root beer was nice but mushy, honey lavender ice cream with grape soda was interesting but damned sweet, salted caramel with root beer was good but not as awesome as it should have been.

Which of the following flavors would you pair with root beer, or one of the other stocked sodas (grape, orange, cola)? I've omitted ice creams which have chunky baked goods and nuts in them.

Rainbow Sherbet
Lemon Basil Sorbet
Arbequina Olive Oil
Honey Lavender
Sea Salt With Caramel Ribbon
Stumptown Coffee with Cocoa Nibs
Pear with Blue Cheese
Double Fold Vanilla
Honey Balsamic Strawberry with Cracked Pepper

Rainbow sherbet with orange soda might be good on acid, and the basil in lemon-basil might do interesting things with the dark, woody nature of root beer. I would go broke trying these various combinations, so I'll ask your advice.