While the print edition of this week's paper is overrun with reader valentines—actually a surprisingly entertaining read, BTW—all your regularly scheduled content is alive and well right here on the 'nets, including a fresh new week of Letters to the Editor! In which:

—Someone is still on about the whole vaccine/autism thing. The flu scare's over, dudes!

—A reader sort of battle raps at us or something. It's complete gibberish, which is kind of cheating when sent via email. Contains the sentence, "Motha fuckin' acid can chord, yo." No really, it's that good.

—Seeing Alien Boy will most likely make you cry. As it should.

—Ian Karmel waits until kombucha jumps the novelty shark and learns to obediently dive through a stunt hoop and land tamely in fridges across America hippie-inflected communities before finally trying it. You worship him anyway.