New topics!

In this week's Letters to the Editor:

—Have you stopped masturbating since we introduced you to Pavel Petel? Why would you? Reader "Pounding It in Portland" hasn't!

—In honor of our sarcastic call for a new holiday called Hug A Gun Nut Day, and actual gun nut offers some completely levelheaded advice about responsible gun handling and safety. Hug.

—More backhanded compliments for Ann Romano! Reader Jason says he disagrees with "almost every political stance she takes and love some of the people she hates" and that "hipsters and their weirdness annoy the heck out of me in this city" but still: "She's the best!" Thanks?

—RE: The attempt to resuscitate the "sit-lie" law. What's the connection between downtown's homeless and downtown's shoppers, really?

—Will you please join us in gazing into the future, raising a drink, and bidding it a fond "fuck you"?

Why stop masturbating now?
  • Why stop masturbating now?