Buried beneath the accolades of True Detective, NBC's Hannibal does not get the appreciation it deserves. (Primarily because NBC knows it has a gorgeous, cable-style adult drama on its hands, is scared to death of it, and therefore refuses to promote it and buries it at 10 pm on Friday nights.) However, I'm doing my part by singing its praises whenever possible, and so is Uproxx which has presented a solid defense on why you should be watching Hannibal every week. Here's a taste of their article, "Why Hannibal is the Best Horror Series on Television":

If there’s a more literary, detail-packed show on television, it’s hard to think of one. For example, one of the key lines, early in the show, is spoken by Hannibal himself: “Killing must feel good to God, too… He does it all the time, and are we not created in His image?”

This is relevant because pretty much everything about Hannibal, from the architecture of his office to the way he holds his fork, tells us he thinks he’s God. In fact, the entire show is carefully written to show Hannibal as less a literate monster and more of a terrifying, corrupting influence, a Lucifer figure so clever you don’t realize he’s corrupting you until it’s far, far too late. And it makes your skin crawl.

Want further proof that Hannibal is currently the smartest, most terrifying show on television? WATCH THE OPENING SCENE OF LAST WEEK'S EPISODE HERE. Dear god... it's TERRIFYING. Trust me, I have a soul and constitution filled with sawdust, so it takes a lot for me to avert my eyes from anything—but this scene? I was actually covering my eyes which I haven't done since I was 12, because I have never seen anything as creepily gorgeous and graphic on any network, cable or otherwise... especially NBC. It's not embeddable, so hit the link, put on your headphones, and watch it full screen. IF YOU DARE.

Don't miss Hannibal tonight on NBC at 10 pm.