Are you going throw down April 4th thru July 4th??? A current scan of social media outlets including Facebook show that New York, Chicago,Boston,Philadelphia,Reno, to name a few are all ready to go as well as 5 cities in Tennessee ,Lansing Michigan,Fort Wayne Indiana, Orange County .Heck even Mississippi has their own Facebook account. From several cities in Germany and South Africa to London,Sidney,Brisbane,Queensland ,Amsterdam ,Seville,Ontario,Windhoek Namibia,Budapest, are ready to go. Yes it was nice to see you bring light to the plight of Sylvia Reeve and working with the houseless I will give you that. But it surprises me that Mississippi and Tennessee are already discussing and are ready to implement the new paradigms and we have heard NOTHING from you . Of all places one would think this would already be a hive of activity. Look at what just happened in Albuquerque last night. Or hell Tucson where video has emerged of a riot cop brutally assaulting a college student check for it on youtube folks. I would ask that those reading this who perhaps are not aware of any of what has been stated above to look in to all of them and inform others. And for those sitting at the Occupy offices reading this lets see some forward motion otherwise step aside and let others take the lead