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Born in Portland. Lived in L.A. 1986-2003. Extra in several movies (listed on IMDb for one). Moved back to Portland. Worked at Powell's for six… More »

Jul 27 Todd Mecklem commented on New Column! Should I Vote for Hillary Clinton? A Flow Chart.
Nice work, Merc! I like it!
Jul 21 Todd Mecklem commented on The Green Party Responds to Dan Savage, Says He's "Dead Wrong".
Sure, vote Green...and we'll all get the Orange Fuhrer. Great plan.
Jul 21 Todd Mecklem commented on Is Hazelnut Grove About to be the First-Ever Homeless Camp to Host a Festival?.
"It's unclear whether the camp has applied for a noise variance for the event."

Too bad we don't have any local journalists who could check on that.
Jul 21 Todd Mecklem commented on Surprise! You Just Got a Bike.
But I didn't WANT a 59-pound orange tank... sorry, bike.
Jul 18 Todd Mecklem commented on Move Over, Burnside 26! The New Apartment Building You'll Love to Hate is the YARD.
All these comments lack the most important question: how many milkshakes will it take to bring all the boys there?
Jul 18 Todd Mecklem commented on Parking Spots Outside of Voodoo Doughnut Are About to Become a Public Plaza.
FINALLY there'll be a nice public plaza to hang out at while I'm waiting for a tweet announcing A Newbeeee Red Flag Arrival at the Paris Theatre.
Jul 12 Todd Mecklem commented on Good Morning, News: Bike Share NIMBYs, A City Reservoir Lawsuit, and the Latest in Pokémon-Related Mayhem!.
Accept accept accept ACCEPT. Other than that, exceptional work.
Jul 7 Todd Mecklem commented on This New Multnomah County Library Logo Cost $30,000. Thoughts?.
It's not bad! But, since you're such a bunch of whiners, I'll tell you what... I'll whip up a new Portland Mercury logo (Todd knows you need one) for $30 cash money. Have Steve email me when he gets back from vacation.
Jul 6 Todd Mecklem commented on City Commissioners Just Shot Down Proposed Minimum Parking Requirements for NW Portland Apartment Buildings.
"There are many, many things we should be trying first. Try to think of some while you're driving around, and around, and around, looking for a space, and let us know."
Jul 6 Todd Mecklem commented on Good Morning, News: Police Chief News, Brexit is Bad for Pets, and Donald Trump is Bad for Us All.
Then there are the Persian and Siamese cats who have dual catizenship in Iran or Thailand...