ZERO MOTIVATION Good times in the Middle East!

THE ISRAELI ARMY seems like a serious business place, what with Israel being... Israel. But did you know that all young Israelis—men and women—have to serve two or three years? And just like in any grab bag of young adults, a lot of them are duds; when you're required to be somewhere, you don't have to try, because no one can make you leave. This is how we meet Zero Motivation's heroines Daffi (Nelly Tagar) and Zohar (Dana Ivgy), who dick around with a bunch of other underachievers in an administrative office in Bumfuck, Israel, sweeping mines and counting the days until they can leave. (To be clear, they are playing Minesweeper, the computer game. They don't actually do army things, like sweep mines. This is confusing.)

Despite the fun they have making grape juice out of grapes, Daffi is desperate for a transfer to Tel Aviv, and her dissatisfaction with the base feels to Zohar like a betrayal. The pair splinter and strive to convince themselves that the thing that might happen next could be better than what is happening now.

Daffi and Zohar are like Israeli versions of Broad City's Abbi and Ilana, except without the weed but with (surprisingly) more opportunities to get laid. Zero Motivation isn't Broad City funny, but it's a lot funnier than one would expect of a film that takes place in a Middle Eastern desert army base. When you ignore the drab locale and green jumpsuits, Zero Motivation is really just a story about best girlfriends trying to figure out what they want from life and from each other. Any one of us has been there. We just probably didn't get to do it holding big-ass guns. And those are a fun touch.