625 NW Everett St, 525-2376

* Popsickle
Curator Floyd Watkins showcases pop sensibilities in a group show complete with punchy color and cultural iconography. Through June 30

Attic Gallery
206 SW First Ave, 228-7830

There's Something in the Attic
Watercolors from Arne Westerman and clay sculptures by Sandy Visse. Through July 1

Atwood Primitive/Lawrence Photographic

205 SW Pine St, 226-6334

Master Prints
A bevy of prints by Texan photographer Jim Lincoln. Through June 30

Augen Gallery

817 SW Second Ave, 224-8182

Indian Storytelling
Ajay Garg presents a group of miniature paintings that represent stories from the traditional Mughal Court texts and the Krishna myths. Through July 1

Basil Hallward Gallery at Powell's City of Books

1005 W Burnside St, 228-4651

* Art within the City of Books
John Holdeman blends the representational with the abstract in a series of paintings that derive, in part, from his Midwestern childhood. Through July 1

Blue Sky Photography Gallery
1231 NW Hoyt St, 225-0210

Photographers Catherine Chalmers & Fabio Sgroi
Catherine Chalmers presents large-scale color images of animals eating animals. Fabio Sgroi's black & white photographs explore the Easter rituals of Sicilian towns. Through July 1


1325 NE Fremont St, 280-8845

Traditional Wood Carvers
Exhibition featuring Alaskan carvers Donald Gregory, Kevin Chilton, and New Mexican carver David Naber Lucero. Through July 1

Butters Gallery

520 NW Davis St, 248-9378

New Work From an Old Friend
A Butters mainstay: David Geiser continues his painted exploration of the physical and organic. Through July 1

Chetwynd Stapylton Gallery
615 SW Broadway, 223-4226

Can You Say Giclee?
Chetwynd presents a debut of new watercolors and limited edition Giclee prints by Bill Papas. Through July 1

Contemporary Crafts Gallery

3934 SW Corbett Ave, 223-2654

An Ancient Presence in Portland
Ceramic artist Mardi Wood provides a view of functional porcelain works inspired by her residence in Vulci, Italy, an ancient Etruscan site. Through June 30

Elizabeth Leach Gallery

207 SW Pine St, 224-0521

* Abstraction: Form to Field
Multimedia group show that promises a varying use of abstraction through painting, prints, ceramic wall reliefs, glass sculpture, and video. Through July 29

First Avenue
205 SW First Ave, 222-3850

Orias Steel
Steel sculpture from Mike Orias. Through July 1

Froelick Adelhart

817 SW Second Ave, 222-1142

* Intervals, Frames, and Accelerations
A snow globe extravaganza! 26 artists present unique variations on the interactive form. Through July 1

Gallery 114
1100 NW Glisan, 243-3356

Doyle Goes Solo
In her first solo show, "Paintings on Paper," Stephanie Doyle presents recent work. Through July 1

Gallery 33

1400 NW Everett St, 219-9900

A Wondrous Display of Watercolors
Gallery 33 presents a retrospective of Richard Durden's watercolors and new works by Gene Gill, also in watercolor. Through July 1

Gallery International
10024 SW Canyon Rd, 644-9766

Walt Disney is Alive and Well
Rare production art from Disney's film and television empire. Through June 30

Go Gallery
328 NW Broadway, 294-1903

Experiments: Artist's Explorationof the Human Mind
A wide array of oil paintings from Margarita Kalinina. Through July 31

Heart Gallery
7912 SE 13, 731-6005

Airborne Art
A tantalizing display of mobiles by Gabe Stoner and Mike Hatton. Through July 1

In Her Image Gallery
3208 SE Hawthorne Blvd, 231-3726

On Hawthorne
Group exhibit of relief carving on clay, cast paper work, etchings, watercolors, and more. Through July 2

L & B Viewing Room

1714 NW Overton 2 Flr, 241-4144

In a departure from her work in fiber arts, Linda Hutchins new work is an exploration of the sculptural and metaphorical power of bread. Through June 30

And So It Would Be Beautiful
Portraits by Anna Kennedy are on display in the L&B Front Room gallery. Through June 30

Laura Russo Gallery
805 NW 21st Ave, 226-2754

J.D. Perkin & Co
A summer group show of gallery artists, headlined by sculptor J.D. Perkins. Through July 1

Mark Woolley Gallery
120 NW Ninth Ave, Suite 210, 224-5475

* New Yorkers invade Portlandia
Tyler Hays presents a group of recent paintings entitled Flipper Key Chain & Other Works, Cara Tomlinson offers up recent mixed media paintings. Through July 1

Matrix and Our Dreams Galleries
2209 NE Alberta St, 288-3024

Forget the canvas
Paintings on photographic paper from Oakland artist, Salongo Lee. Opens June 29

Metropolitan Art Studio
2808 NE MLK #13, 422-9052

Installation by mixed-media artist Abigail Pierce. Through June 14

Nil Contemporary Art
328 NW Broadway #114, 221-3182

* Durchgang (Passageway)
Photographer and film industry guru Vance Malone explores the architecture of European transit through photography, accentuating bold color and careful composition. Through June 31

Olive Green Studios

1603 NE Alberta St, 202-2295

State of blue
Fresh display of emerging contemporary photography by L. King. Opens June 29

Onda Gallery
2215 NE Alberta St, 493-1909

Three different creatures
Onda hosts a variety of work: Metal sculpture from Jay Moody, wood sculpture and mixed media from William Perez, and oil and acrylics from Karn Piana. Opens June 29

Photographic Image
240 SW First Ave, 224-3543

Ansel, is That You?
Jeanne Adams, daughter-in-law to Ansel Adams, states that photographer "Christopher Burkett is doing for color what Ansel did for black-and-white." Through June 30

Plain Jane
2936 NE Alberta St, 528-9691

Its not plain, and there's no Jane
Three women artists present their various endeavors. Janelle Dahlsten submits illustrations, paintings, and woodcuts with mixed media. Melissa Porter exhibits glass collage work and Colleen Frederick presents home furnishings and home accent pieces. Opens June 29

528 NW 12 Ave, 223-2264

PDXs to Quartersaw: Celebrating 16 years
Regretfully, this is the last show at the seminal space. Over 60 gallery artists will take part in a diverse retrospective of the gallery's 16 years of operation. Through July 15

Robert Canaga Gallery
526 NW 13, 552-9160

Big and Little
Works in oil by A J. Boots and monotypes from Kristin Deluga. Through June 30

SK Josefsberg
403 NW 11 Ave, 241-9112

Embryos and Vietnam
Photographer Dianne Kornberg investigates animal embryos in a series of silver-gelatin prints entitled "Inchoations." Magnum photographer Marc Riboud offers a photojournalistic spattering including a peek at Vietnam. Through July 15