If you missed the much-hyped Oprah inquisition of doper Lance Armstrong last night, the highlights are here.

But here was my highlight: Lance admits to taking drugs. He admits to lying to millions of fans. He admits to suing the living daylights out of everyone who said he took drugs and lied to millions of fans, especially his ex-teammate's wife Betsy Andreu. Yes, Armstrong tells Oprah, he phoned Andreu to call her some terrible names. “I called you crazy," he says. "I called you a bitch, but I never called you fat.”

Apparently, to Lance, the worst thing you could do in the world is call a woman fat. Paint her to be a liar, call her crazy, sue her, sure. That's worth apologizing for. But, by God, he did not call her fat! You gotta give him some points for that! I guess he's still a decent person!

Good on Andreu for immediately having her own response to his madness.