Portland city council can't find the cash to ramp up bike share but was falling all over themselves to give $80 million dollars to NIKE to build a fucking parking garage.
This feel-good attempt at being green - one that I predict to be a money loser - should have been a private sector venture to begin with.
I am also irrevocably tied to an ideology that is loosely related to this story.

But come on, the Alta thing was a bit of a long shot anyway, right?
Private venture bike shares are typically funded by an advertising management contract (such as to sell ads on city buses, bus benches, etc.). If the ad revenue isn't enough, the private company won't do it, hence the variety of programs being funded by public sources.

Like Portland, the City of New Orleans would love to have a bike share program; however, New Orleans is broke and no other entity has stepped up to fund it.

New Orleans

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