It's been a whirlwind week here at the Mercury for Her offices! And what's making our brains flutter? Same as always: men, make-up, shopping... but mostly MEN! We love MEN--tall men, dark men, brawny men, and even firemen (especially those who choose to forego shirts and carry a big hose between their legs)! Yes, when forced to choose between purchasing a darling handbag from Saks or bedding down a tawny, blue-eyed male, we'll choose the MAN every time!

That's why this week's edition of Mercury for Her is devoted to the noblest of all pursuits--MAN CHASING! Thanks to women's lib, we've been given the "go-ahead" to buy whatever it takes to snag the MAN-MEAT currently catching our fancy. And that includes DOUCHE. If you're anything like me, you're pretty sure you have a smelly cooter. Our own Katia Dunn explores the mysterious world of vaginal douching in our section we like to call "CONFESSIONS." And it's a scientific fact that the only way to keep a man nowadays is to be Nadia Comaneci in the sack. Let Katie Shimer fire up your imagination with the latest and hottest SEX POSITIONS for this fall season (pg 9).

In our DATING/ADVICE section, you'll hear about all the things you're doing wrong--from a hunky MALE perspective--in a column we like to call, "WHAT'S HE REALLY THINKING?" (pg 11). And if you like your advice "down and dirty" check out our new column written by Shaniqua Jackson. She's black!

Plus! Don't forget our regular features on health and beauty, fashion tips, our consumer-friendly horoscope, and what I consider to be a completely useless diatribe on feminism in today's society. (Ha! Just kidding. Not really.)

So what are you waiting for, ladies? Lie, cheat, steal, buy tons of superfluous eyeliner-- whatever it takes! Just get out there and GET... THAT... MAN!!!