Has anyone actually fact-checked Eudaly's story about her dad? That seems remarkably contrived to cut off debate from landlords who are not rich or suffer hardships themselves, and given her propensity to just make shit up in the face of facts and opinions she doesn't like, I wouldn't put it past her.
Has anyone actually fact-checked FlavioSuave's story about Chloe Eudaly's propensity to just make shit up? That seems remarkably contrived. I wouldn't put it past him.
I have direct experience with Chloe making shit up, Euphonious, including her telling me it is "easy, cheap, and convenient" to evict a tenant for-cause through the court system. This is demonstrably not true, yet she continues to insist it is. She also ignores all real world case studies demonstrating the consistently negative long-term effects of rent control on both rent prices and the condition of the housing stock in locations where it has been enacted. But that's not stopping her either!

So yeah, I question her anecdote, which she has never mentioned before, at the outset of a hearing where she wants to ignore and dismiss legitimate concerns on the part of landlords and folks interested in a smart long-term housing policy for Portland so we don't turn into another San Francisco.

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