Hi Pam, i hate to do this, but i got to Eugene and not only did that chick flip out on me in bed, but my car broke down too. i know we don't know each other very well yet, but i was wondering if i could ask for some help from you. From all of your photos it doesn't look like you work much or even have a job, so maybe you could pick me up here? It would be awesome if you could, cause i just want to get out of this town. I would buy you lunch at Denney's or something on the way home, you know, as a first date kind of deal. I called all of my other friends, but they dont want to help me because of jealousy. I can tell you about all of that later. It would be cool if you could help me, and someday it would be like a story we could tell to our friends or something, you know? I looked for your phone number, because you said you'd give it to me, but i cant find it, otherwise i would call you. It's hot here, how is the weather there? I want to be home because i have some stuff in the mail coming to help me build up my muscles. Its good stuff, but it taste like milk that has gone bad if you don't mix it just right. I know its probably sitting on my porch and my freak neighbor is probably gonna take it. He's a little strange sometimes and makes all these noises at night, like he's a animal or something, growling and moaning and stuff like that. Its pretty scary sometimes, but he's ok, i guess. you can meet him when we get back. Will you text me? Jake