DEAR MERCURY—This is addressed to the twit last week who was bitching about drivers stopping for pedestrians ["Stop and Go," I, Anonymous, Sept 2]. I would like to remind this person that he lives in Oregon, and that there's a STATE LAW that dictates all corners are potential crosswalks, even if not officially marked as such. Please refer to Oregon law, ORS 811.028.

-Kimberly Felipe, Law-Abiding Academic Adviser


Why do so many people think that the laws regarding pedestrians and cyclists are the same, or even close ["Green Means Go," Letters, Sept 9]? The stupidest and ugliest manifestation of this view is when people think that, like pedestrians, bikes belong on the sidewalk, not on the road, thus inspiring them to bray insipid orders at me to get on the sidewalk as they drive by.

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Now that TriMet gets an extra 50 cents outta my weekly bus passes, barring total economic calamity I don't want to hear any more bitching from TriMet about how fucking broke they are for a long time ["Nickel and Dimed," News, Sept 9].

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I'd like to see the repercussions of legalization from where I am standing now (Arizona), since border violence is fueled by a drug trade that is mainly marijuana (even though its crappy, seedy, and schwaggy) ["The Green Economy," Feature, Sept 9]. I could also imagine Ole Joe Arpaio, the only sheriff in America that can't carry a gun due to a previous felony, [having] an embolism right then and there on November 5 if California passes this referendum into law. LEGALIZE AND TAX IT! Get us out of our fucked-up economy!

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I've been following [blogger Marcus] Griffith's work, and am deeply intrigued by the questions he raises ["Acid-Attack Victim Cancels on Oprah!" Blogtown, Sept 10]. Here are two more speculative observations to add to the pile of already speculative evidence, and it involves [Bethany Storro's] Facebook profile pictures. Her pre-attack picture showed building blocks that spelled "DEAF." Now, her picture on Facebook is the very same one that the media has most prominently shown of her. The picture change strikes me as somewhat opportunistic. Experience tells us that when people are trying to hide something—and when people who feel loyal to that person are trying to defend—they usually retort with ad hominem attacks and vitriol. That is one way for these people to handle the situation; the other way is to simply realize that they would do more good by clearing up some discrepancies and answering the questions. The fact that Storro hasn't done that amid rising scrutiny is both selfish and compelling.

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Okay, don't worry about what it says ["BREAKING: Deal in Place for Made in Oregon Sign," Blogtown, Sept 9]. Really. This thing has advertised White Satin Sugar, White Stag Sportswear, and Made in Oregon. Each time it's changed people have freaked out and whined and worried about it. This is just another change, like the others. What's important is that they finally get the damn thing to light up. I've been missing that bit of neon.

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DON'T FRET JOE, they're sure to have you bathing in neon glow in no time. In the meanwhile, enjoy two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish! where the soft, flattering lighting should tide you over.