DEAR EDITOR—The editor of such an august publication as the Portland Mercury exhibits bad form in replying at length to Matthew Cagle's remonstrating with the Merc about the Merc's use of the word "geek" ["A Lonely Fight for Geek Rights," Letters, August 11, comparing the plight of nerds/geeks with that of homosexuals and African Americans, prompting Editor in Chief Wm. Steven Humphrey to respond, pointing out the offense of such a comparison]. The Merc's editor has a weekly column to air his views and has presumably editorial control of what goes into the rest of the Merc's news hole, and should not lower himself to lengthy, in-stream replies to the Merc's letters to the editor.

-Brian A. Cobb


DEAR MERCURY—Ned [Lannamann]'s review of [the 1979 Andrei Tarkovsky film] Stalker was asinine and worthy of a kick in the crotch ["The Waste Land," Film, Aug 18]. Are you on drugs, sir? Stalker is probably the best film made by possibly the best filmmaker in the past 40 years.

-Hoot bell


DEAR ALEX ZIELINSKI—Regarding Portland having fewer taxis and at a higher cost than other similar-sized cities ["In Other News," News, August 11, in which the author cites numbers behind Portland's cap on taxi cabs]. It is only the cap on the number of cabs available and the higher fares—fares regulated by the city rather than a function of supply and demand—that ensures you can still get a cab in Portland with a driver who understands your English and can find his way around town without a GPS.

-Travis Bickle


HEY THERE!—I thought it would be helpful to let your readers know that for less than $20 a year you can add personal liability coverage to your homeowner's insurance policy that will cover your ass if someone tries to sue you for defamation or slander ["The $1 Million Twitter Fight," News, Aug 18]. Now you can share your snatchiness with the world!

-Francesca Berrini



DEAR EDITOR—I was riding bus #44 home from work and you know that weird corner right before the bus turns right that looks kind of like Burnside but isn't ["This Week's Leverage Recap!" New Column!, Aug 18, in which the Mercury continues its search to find someone, anyone familiar enough with Leverage to write weekly recaps]? Well I saw a bunch of those giant white screen things they use to redirect sunlight and a bunch of directors' chairs and guys sitting around and guys holding cameras, and then I see this slick-looking young woman dressed in black leather riding a black motorcycle down the sidewalk and I thought to myself: They must be filming an episode of Leverage. I believe this qualifies me to write your Leverage column.

-Mrs. Carol Icenbice



I watch this show every Sunday evening ["This Week's Leverage Recap!" New Column!, Aug 18]. I like the show and the plot... the good guys fighting the bad guys. That tells you all you need to about the show Leverage. I feel one must watch or support the city you are from... so I support Leverage. My name is Justified. And I am 71 years old.

WELLLLLLLLL...Sorry there Carol, but I think the choice is clear, here. Do you go with "Carol" or do you go with MOTHEREFFING "JUSTIFIED"?? Needless to say, we feel JUSTIFIED in our decision. As for Justified, you get two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at the People's Sandwich of Portland, which also counts as supporting the city you are from.