In response to Radiohead's little sashay into the journalism industry The Guardian newspaper has retaliated with a little sashaying of their own:

...Here is what we were thinking: if Radiohead were really going to publish a newspaper alongside the release of their latest CD), shouldn't the Guardian mount a response? If a band could wade so recklessly into the Guardian's area of expertise, could we not wade into theirs? It was immediately decided that the Guardian would put out its own music CD to promote the release of Monday's paper.


At 4pm the full band — hastily christened Radioeds — got together for the first time. Our last-minute keyboard draftee — one Alan Rusbridger — was obliged to sight read the sheet music. Lead singer Ed Vulliamy declared himself unfamiliar with both the lyrics and the melody, though he was able to draw on a severe toothache as an emotional touchstone. He may only have heard the song for the first time that morning, but in his vocal one hears a raw howl of angst induced by genuine pain and, quite probably, painkillers.

What resulted was a version of Radiohead's "Creep", filled out with banjo, trombone and a strange, bravura performance by Guardian writer Vulliamy. Watch it here.

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I expect Radiohead, who've basically disowned their first single, to be pretty tickled. They really don't mind "Creep" getting a ridiculous cover treatment or two. Just wait'll they hear the Mercury staff's blistering cover of "Push/Pulk Revolving Doors". That'll teach 'em to come onto our turf!