Why don't you take your pride and bike it! Part of Pedalpalooza's long, lovely series of volunteer led bike rides, the LGBTQ Pride Ride is the self-proclaimed gayest (lesbianiest, biest, transest and questioningest) ride in town! That's a tall order, especially during Pride. Prove your heart to me with your rainbow apparel, LGBTQ Pride Ride! Jamison Square, NW 10th & Johnson, Fri June 15, 5:45 pm, FREE

2. Queerlandia

Last year's Queerlandia dance party was crazy. This year, expect DJ sets from Hold My Hand, Chelsea Starr, Huf n Stuf, Orographic, Dazzle Punch, and more, plus special performances from Carla Rossi and her minions! While you're having your mind blown and dancing dirty, you're actually helping the needy−$1 from every door admission goes to Bradley Angle's LGBTQ services. You're a hero! Get in the photo booth! Embers, 110 NW Broadway, Thurs June 14, 9 pm, $5, 21+

3. Pride: A Comedy Showcase

For the third year running, Belinda Carroll Comedy presents Pride: A Comedy Showcase. Hosted by Whitney Streed, with an appearance by Xander Deveaux, and, of course, Belinda Carroll! Sandra Valls, voted one of Curve magazine's Top 10 funniest lesbian comics, also promises hilarity! Star Theater, 13 NW 6th, Thurs June 14, 8 pm, $20-30

4. Queer Heroes

During the month of June, the Q Center will unveil a new Queer Hero every day to celebrate the hard work of volunteers and community leaders in the Portland queer community. There's an opening ceremony at the Q Center and then the heroes will be on display at the Q Center booth at Waterfront Park starting on Friday. Q Center, 4115 N Mississippi, Thurs June 14, 5:30 pm, free, all ages

5. Gaylabaration

Get ready to dance for the Basic Rights of Oregon! It's a good cause with good DJs: Grammy-nominated DJ Chris Cox, Seattle's DJ Skiddle, and all-night beats man DJ Vize. The Wanderlust Circus performs their mind-bending magic beneath glitter and money cannons. Glitter and money cannons?! Leftbank Annex, 101 N Weidler, Fri June 15, 9:30 pm, $25-100, 21+

6. Pride Gaycation

How many DJs? Gaycation, have you gone too far? The hot hometown dance party that showcases local and international queer performers brings you DJs Chelsea Starr, Equestrian, and Boyjoy, alongside Mr. Charming and DJ Snowtiger. Plus a photo booth! Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, Fri June 15, 9 pm, $5, 21+

7. Blow Pony: Queer Mutiny!

This sounds like so much fun. It doesn't even make sense. Eight hundred DJs are slated to perform. Christeene Vale hits us with the official release of her new album Waste Up, Kneez Down. Free vegan BBQ can't possibly end well! Plus, they're opening up the parking lot for dancing! Rotture, Sat June 16, 9 pm, $5, 21+

8. Big Bang

I can't take my kids to hardly ANY of those dance parties. Finally here's a chance to cover them head to toe in rainbow apparel and push them down a giant inflatable water slide. This is what life is about. The Big Bang party promises astro turf for sunbathing, beer garden, carnival games, cabana boys, drag races, dunk tank, flash mobs, bands, and grandstand views of the parade. City Center Parking, 230 SW 2nd, Sun June 17, 11 am-midnight (all ages until 5 pm), $5-25

9. Pride Art

What do I do after the parade? This year Everett Station Lofts galleries SoHiTek and Cock have curated shows in honor of Pride. Cock's show F*CK'D features work from four Brooklyn artists dealing with themes of censorship/feeling fucked by mainstream conservative culture. SoHiTek's show, Fucking Gay, will feature work responding to stereotypes and assumptions made about the gay community. They're also throwing a special post-parade party with music and DJs. Everett Station Lofts, 625 NW Everett, Sun June 17, 1-5 pm, free, all ages

10. Rice, Beans, and Collard Greens

Pride never dies. Collard greens will never die! Get together with queer and trans people of color and their allies for this celebration of cross-cultural booty shaking. The bar is open for those 21+, but you can bring your family to this party! Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, Wed June 20, 8:30 pm, $5, all ages