keyon gaskin and sidony oneal
keyon gaskin and sidony o'neal PHOTO COURTESY OF TBA / PICA.ORG

I've been so distracted today by my car's new coat of ash (how to even clean?), President Bobblehead's ignorant cruelty, and excellent arguments for banning fireworks (I've always hated them) that I almost forgot PICA's Time-Based Art Festival starts TOMORROW. But it does! And thank god, because I'd like to go be disturbed (or at least distracted) by something that isn't the current state of affairs. Art will do! Yes, bring on the weirdness, PICA! Send us your best and bizarrest! I need you like I need Twin Peaks!

Anyway, you can prepare for PICA's festival of performance art with the Mercury's picks here, and you can follow our coverage throughout this year's run right here on Blogtown. I'll be floating around to a bunch of shows, but I'm most excited about Saturday night's Critical Mascara at the Works. Behold:

This is Critical Mascara’s final year at the festival. I’m devastated. The only thing that’s getting me through is that drag clown Carla Rossi is yet again on the bill for this one, and every time I see her in action, she’s better and tackier and funnier than before. I’ll be the one in the front row crying through my glitter. Um, join me?

Won't you?