Jan 16, 2013 at 4:00 am

Hospitality By The Numbers


Excellent review.
You think there's good BBQ in Portland? Seriously?
I found the pulled pork sandwich less than noteworthy, the shrimp and grits uninspired, the whoopie pie an insulin-spiking nightmare, and the southern punch... I dunno, reasonably alcohol-y, I guess. Oh, and the floors were curiously slippery. I'll reserve judgment, being as I haven't been through much of the menu, but that said, I doubt I'll be getting through much of the menu. To their credit, though, I understand they have a few different whiskeys to choose from...
Smokehouse 21, which is located only a few blocks away on NW 21st has far superior BBQ and sides. Good enough to stack up to the best KC, Memphis, and Southern Carolina BBQ I've had. I'm from St. Louis and I was beginning to think there was no good BBQ here until I discovered that place. The whiskey selection at Southland is amazing though. There are several ryes and bourbons here that you can't get anywhere else in town as they are not OLCC approved.
They really serve rye and bourbon unavailable anywhere else becuase it doesn't meet OLCC guidelines? I think you may have just gotten Southland in trouble.

Good review, but I would have liked to see more commentary on the Patriot Paks included with each meal, since they figure so impotantly in the photo. Why don't more restaurants offer these? Is it because they HATE AMERICA?
the olive review is much tastier and has zip:


Michael Russell did not like Southland Whiskey and had difficulty finding anything praiseworthy about it save the thick cloth napkins.

If one reviewer disses a place that immediately makes other reviewers look suspicious when they +++ a joint.
^^People have different perceptions and tastes. Welcome to Humanity. I did find the review you posted useful however, so thank you

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