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Critics Call City's Proposed Camping Ban "Impossible to Comply With"

"I think expecting people to be able to comply with packing up tents and carrying away all their belongings every morning at 8 am is really unrealistic," one service provider said.

Courtney Vaughn


Thinking caps on! 🧠 It's time for another super fun POP QUIZ PDX! This week's trivia quiz includes jerky local politicos, birthday chimps, and Rose Festival shenanigans throughout the years!🎺 See how well YOU score!

Al Monner / Oregon Historical Society

City Settles Class Action Disabilities Lawsuit Over Blocked Sidewalks

The settlement agreement will lead to more reporting and sweeps of tents that block sidewalks. It will also curb the city's distribution of tents and tarps, with some exceptions. The lead plaintiff railed against "progressive extremism."

Courtney Vaughn


Time to take out the trash! 🗑️ This week in hot gossip: Omigod, so much poop. That is all. 💩


Pedalpalooza, Portland's Summer-Long Bike Festival, Begins This Week

Three months of delightful Portland bike festivities are officially underway with Pedalpalooza!

Taylor Griggs


The wonderful Kingsley released some ridiculously good videos, recorded at Clinton Street Theater. Read about her upcoming headliner show, and other UNMISSABLE Portland music world happenings in this week's unmissable music column.

Courtesy of the artist

Nonprofits Say Social Service Workers Are Dangerously Close To Needing Services They’re Paid To Provide

Social service nonprofits play a key role in the city and county's ability to provide services, but some are struggling, due to substandard wages. Hundreds of nonprofit workers are now calling on regional leaders to build better wages into their contracts.


Kickstand Announces Comedy in the Park 2023, New Brick and Mortar Location

The Portland comedy nonprofit hopes to parlay love for their free weekly park events into fundraising a permanent indoor space for the fall.


The Best Things To Do in Portland This Month: June 2023

June brings the first official day of summer, Pride month, Juneteenth, Father's Day, and events from the Portland Rose Festival to the Tigard Festival of Balloons. We've compiled everything you need to know about for the month ahead here!

Tigard Festival of Balloons

Portland Thrash Trio U SCO Has a New Record, and It Was Worth the Wait

The new album from Portland tech thrash trio U SCO defies description, but we'll still try: monolithic and euphoric, with one track containing epic interlocking bass clarinet from Golden Retriever's Jonathan Sielaff.



An apparently "famous" artist doesn't want the world to know he's bisexual—and also apparently doesn't realize that no one gives a shit.

Joe Newton

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