GUYS! You are gonna freaking LOVE this. Remember how I, Anonymous has always been a fun, fascinating, and often infuriating read? That's because YOU guys write it every week! Your crazy rants and confessions have made the print version of I, Anonymous one of the Mercury's most popular sections every week.


Online? I, Anonymous has kind of been a pain in the patoot. It was always hard to find, harder to make a submission, and hardest of all to see them all in one place! That's why we're psyched to introduce—THE NEW I, ANONYMOUS BLOG!

Simply hit the link to read all the most recent I, Anonymous submissions that come into the Mercury, AS WELL AS SUBMITTING YOUR OWN! Simply hit the "Submit an I, Anonymous" link at the top of the page (or here if you're too goddamn impatient), type in a clever title and your 300 word rant/confession, and hit SUBMIT. As soon as an editorial peon (most likely me) checks it for any potential legally/libelly issues—don't worry, we will never edit your stupid opinion, or your atrocious spelling (though no homophobic or racist language is allowed)—it will pop up on the I, Anonymous blog!

It's like a brand new, desolate, post-Apocalyptic world ready to explore! And YES, commenters: a whole new world to troll.

You can get to our new I, Anonymous blog quickly and easily through our main page, or click here if you simply can't wait. READ... SUBMIT... and DROWN in an ocean of infuriating rants. It's the new I, Anonymous Blog!