How sheltered do you have to be to find this offensive? It's mildly offensive at best, however you are all acting like the poster spewed racist insults then told all women to shut up and get in the kitchen. People say significantly worse things about female comics everyday, and acting like this only reinforces the negative stereotypes. All you have accomplished is making us female comics look like we are oversensitive cry babies who cannot take a joke or even a shred of criticism. Way to go ladies, for freaking out over something that doesn't actually matter.
I wonder if ray knows how magnets work
he wants to cuddle, why don't you ask him during snuggle time?
Hey look, JoAnn Schindlersfist- this post has officially been shared by more people that can fit in your precious 880-seat Newmark Theatre.
Go to bed again, ray
I just really want to point out, from a non bias person just watching the fray, that if you are claiming to be a Portland comic as your platform for credibility, you've already lost. If you were funny, you wouldn't still be a Portland comic.
Go to bed, ray
My dad does wear some dope scarves.
Hey mods, can you delete those other two links, dunno why they posted twice and with the wrong video:

Here's the right one:…

And all hatred aside, can we please keep scarves out of this? Don't insult a man's neckwear.
I wondered how barb Holm was getting stage time...
Wow, hack comics really hate to be called out on being hacks. Lesson learned.
Borrow means have.
Please everyone go to bed most of you are pretty bad at posting opinions online you should really sleep it off
What peeves me about Portland, is that people you'll have a lot in common with, reject you! It's completely bizarre. You'd think like attracts like, but not in Portland. Like attracts judgement.
Did anyone notice that this is titled "what turns me OFF about Portland"? He didn't say HATE Portland. Watching a someone take a sh*t turns me off... Doesn't mean I don't want to f*** them later, though.
It's hateful to judge a guy's fetishes. Shame!
or a gals fetish, everyone has them, it is silly to judge anyone, unless you name is judy... then by all means
So, yesterday on Marc Maron's podcast, when Ian Karmel said he thinks it's kinda messed up that so many hosts are trying to fuck their talent, how is that any different than what I posted in the I,A.? I'm honestly eager to know what makes these two exact same statements any different when they're shared in a different medium?

Cause, personally I think that expressing your opinion is legit, no matter what it is. I don't mind if the KKK Babykillers for Christ get their booth, because it means the rest of us get ours too.
Portland likes to pick its darlings and celebrate them no matter how bad they suck or how many people can do it better. Popularity comes before talent or hard work.
Who gives a fuck if you're from here or not, the foundations of our country were built upon people coming from elsewhere.. I'm willing to bet that were it sometime in the 1800's this IA would have made a great "crimper/shanghai" man, kidnapping poor non-native fools and sending them to lives of improsonment at sea for a sweet buck like the great Joseph "Bunko" Kelly did. Funny, Bunko wasn't from Portland either...

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