Eliza Sohn

The Cricket Cafe, which suddenly shuttered last year at 3159 SE Belmont, is back thanks to Jam on Hawthorne’s Gordon Feighner and Katie Prevost.

“We took over the Cricket because we don't think its time is done,” says Feighner. “There are so many people in this town who want to keep these great places alive, it just needed a little work and we hope the neighborhood likes what we've done. We have always loved the Cricket and have done our best to keep the spirit and flavors of the place alive while giving it a spruce up and making the operations more efficient. Customers likely won't notice much of a difference except for some new paint and an updated menu, but it is the Cricket's menu, not Jam’s.”

Little will change, he says, outside the fact that Cricket will now offer more vegan and gluten-free options for those who choose not to eat bacon or can’t eat toast.

The cafe, he adds, will continue to offer a variety of Bloody Marys, including the popular “Maven” (cucumber-infused vodka, sake, and secret maven mix) and will import Division Street’s quart-sized mimosas.

Going forward, The Cricket Cafe will be open from 8 am to 2:30 pm, daily.