Courtesy Netflix

One of the most popular shows on Netflix (and for good reason) is season one of American Vandal—a pitch perfect parody of the nation's obsession with Serial, S-Town, and other true crime documentaries, except this one investigates the mystery of who drew a bunch of dicks on the faculties' cars in a high school parking lot. While it starts out silly, it gathers emotional steam throughout the season and becomes a terrific and true look at the inner lives of teenagers. YOU SHOULD WATCH IT.

And, better yet? You should be in it! Netflix announced earlier this month it will be shooting the second season of American Vandal in Portland, and they are currently looking extras to appear in the series. According to the Oregonian, the casting director is looking for... well, you, I guess!

"Everyone may apply! All types, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and abilities to reflect a real high-school look: braces, pimples, and all."

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And according to the casting submission form they also think that "Dogs, bicycles, sports and mustaches are special!" Even if you don't have that high school sheen anymore, I betcha they need teacher types! And it pays, too! Sign up for extra duties here, and while you're at it, get me Peter and Sam's autograph! Thank you in advance!