If youre checking on the status of your stimulus check, heres what youll probably see.
If you're checking on the status of your stimulus check, here's what you'll probably see. IRS

Here's your daily roundup of all the local and national news about COVID-19. (Like our coverage? Please consider donating to the Mercury to keep it comin'!)

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• Oregon's number of confirmed coronavirus cases (that we know of) is now at 1,663 (an increase of 30 since Tuesday). The death count increased by three since yesterday, making for a total of 58.

• More than half of these Oregon deaths are linked to senior care homes according to new state data—including a cluster of homes in Southeast Portland.

• Gov. Kate Brown held a press conference yesterday to announce the framework for "reopening" Oregon, but noted that was not going to happen until the state has the capacity to test at least 15,000 people for COVID-19 per week. Get many more details about the press conference from our Blair Stenvick.

• In Gov. Brown's press conference, she was asked if she had any plan to allow early release for inmates who are stuck in prisons that are breeding grounds for the virus. She said, "no." This obviously alarmed prisoners who spoke to our Alex Zielinski about their fears of being abandoned.

• According to new data from the Oregon Health Authority, Latinos are continuing to be disproportionately hit by the coronavirus crisis.

• Due to the economic downturn that has hit practically every news organization in America (including us... hi!), the company that owns the Oregonian announced they are cutting a percentage of staffers' wages for the rest of the year, and will require them to take unpaid furloughs.


• In yet another desperate attempt to push the blame of America's coronavirus crisis away from himself, Trump says he will stop funding for the World Health Organization, blaming them for ignoring the spread of the disease. (This dangerously wrongheaded move was partially inspired by... surprise! RACIST CONSERVATIVES who hate China.)

• Trump's monumentally stupid decision could not have come at a worse time as positive COVID-19 cases have passed 2 million globally, and have killed more than 26,000 in the US alone.

• Meanwhile Democrats are pushing a $30 billion bill that would significantly ramp up testing across the nation—a move that would get the country to "reopen" faster than anything.

• Here's your "dismaying, while completely expected" headline of the day: "As U.S. discouraged mask use for public, White House team raced to secure face coverings from Taiwan for senior staff."

• Wait... WHAT THA FU......???

• Los Angeles has made great strides in their testing capability, and has announced that anyone who wants to be tested can get this done within one day.

• Those $1,200 stimulus checks are going to start arriving in the mail today (unless you requested direct deposit), on which you'll see Donald Trump's signature. As you've probably guessed, there's absolutely no reason for this, other than for the president to take false credit. (Is it possible for one's eyes to roll out of one's head?)

• Oh and by the way, many of those who are checking the IRS site to see if they've received their stimulus check are seeing this response:


• A few colleges are waiving SAT and ACT requirements. In some places, the SAT may move online.

• New York residents will now be required to wear face coverings in public. Gov. Cuomo said the order will be in effect after a three-day grace period.

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