Live Updates: Protesting the Death of George Floyd in Downtown Portland, Night Five



Sounds like Wheeler's also dialing back his rhetoric about "agitators" leading the protests.

As he has before, Ted accidentally let slip what he really thinks.


It's time for Wheeler to go back to Wheeler. He's a scared little piss ant!!!

He was ready to deploy the full force of the national guard on protesters? You dim whit!

This is according to a reporter:

----Wheeler also said his request to Gov. Kate Brown to deploy the Nat'l Guard in Portland over the weekend had been mischaracterized by the governor, who said the mayor had asked her to put troops “in direct confrontation with protesters.” -----

Now he's calling the governer a liar to cover his own ass? Pathetic!!!

He's a right-wing fascist just like his ancestors who made their money tearing down pristine old growth rain forests. Covid-19 and this crisis have really shown his true colors.