Im not ready for this again.
I'm not ready for this again. NATHAN HOWARD / GETTY NEWS

Good morning, Portland! Here's some fresh music to kick off your Friday.

And here are the headlines.

• Newly released police body cam footage shows the tragic and infuriating reality of 13-year-old Adam Toledo's recent death in Chicago: The boy wasn't holding a gun, as police first claimed, when they killed him.

• Eight people are dead following a mass shooting at a FedEx warehouse in Indianapolis last night. Police say the shooter appears to have taken his own life as well.

• A "red flag warning" has been issued for fires in Western Oregon today—an extremely rare event for this early in the year—due to hot, dry, and windy conditions. Thanks, climate change!

• Some good news: The Portland Art Museum just reopened, and has some big plans for the next couple years that include Ansel Adams, Friday Kahlo, and much more.

• New tomato just dropped in Oregon:

• Jonathan Mattingly, one of the cops who killed Breonna Taylor, has apparently convinced himself he has something worth saying and is writing a book—and it's being distributed by Post Hill Press, a right-wing publisher that publishing powerhouse Simon & Schuster has a distribution relationship with. Simon & Schuster said it won't distribute Mattingly's book, but it also isn't severing ties with Post Hill Press.

• In other book news: The American Library Association released its list of the top 10 banned books of 2020 last week—and the bulk of them have pro-social justice messages. Weird how that doesn't square with the conservatives whining about how they're persecuted by cancel culture because of some lesser Dr. Seuss books going out of print!

• Reminder: All Oregonians 16 and older are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine starting Monday, April 19. Here's how you can get an appointment. Be sure to sign up for a vaccine with the state , and check around for vaccine appointments at Walgreens, Fred Meyer, CVS, Bimart, etc.

• And while many of us are just excited to get vaccinated in the first place, the White House and Pfizer's CEO are already planning our booster shots, which experts say may be necessary 6 months to a year after vaccination.

• You've probably heard that Daunte Wright was pulled over by Minnesota police because of an air freshener—but here's a great explainer of why cops are financially incentivized to conduct a lot of traffic stops, and how that disproportionately impacts Black drivers.

• Human composting recently became legal in Washington state. Here's a fascinating look at how the process works from our sister paper in Seattle.

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• And finally, we'll end today with some vital advice: