The rumor floating around this morning was that city hall was going to try to evict the hunger strikers and their supporters who have slept on 4th Avenue for over a month now. Mayoral spokesperson Caryn Brooks says that's not true, but police are going to start enforcing city rules against the strikers and their supporters and the city is going to power wash the sidewalk, which has become rather filthy from people eating, sleeping, and protesting on it for months, since a homeless vigil that started this winter. The hunger strike itself is now marking its 40th day.

City hall's security officers were previously charged with trying to keep the sidewalk open for pedestrians and make sure no one was doing anything illegal—like drinking or smoking pot—at the protest site. But Brooks says security staff complained that the protesters would not listen to them, so the city distributed these flyers today to let protesters know that uniformed police officers are going to be making occasional rounds.

You may notice the last line of the flyer:


"Umm...." I asked Brooks. "Are people having sex on the sidewalk?"
"Everything is on there for a reason," she replied.