It's going to be damn-near impossible to stay inside this weekend. But if you end up sunburnt or just in need of some AC, Maria Bamford is here for you. Here at the Mercury we've long been touting Bamford's twisted appeal. Courtney Ferguson put it best:

Maria Bamford is crazy. Maybe literally. She has a knack for being possessed by her characters, like Linda Blair demonic-voice possessed. Her set killed last night at the Mt. Tabor, with a lot of material from her home-made Christmas special. Good stuff. Even from the very back of the room, her expressions were hysterical—she twists her face and voice into a litany of comic weirdness.

The one thing I'll add: through the craziness, Bamford's comedy becomes impressively humanizing.

THIS WEEKEND: Maria Bamford @ Helium Comedy Club, 1520 SE 9th - w/ Jackie Kashian