It's not too shocking to hear a fight broke out in front of Sewickly's bar on Hawthorne last Friday night, but it is unusual to have an actual video of the fight. Portlander Phillip Ragaway stepped outside Tanker down the block to smoke a cigarette, saw the rowdy fight break out and rushed over to film the throw down on his cell phone camera.

"All of a sudden a guy pulls out a gun and I was like, 'Whoa, I'm going to get behind this pole,'" says Ragaway, who continued filming. According to the police, one guy pulled a knife on a man who had a concealed weapons permit. The guy with the gun fired into the street and the fight dispersed. Over all the swearing, it was impossible to tell what the fight was actually about.

Very quickly, says Ragaway, about a dozen cops showed up, put the two guys on the ground and took them into custody. Watch the very tense video here:

Why did Ragaway go through the trouble of uploading his short video to YouTube? "Everyone likes to see a bar fight," he explained.