You see it happening all around us: Wealthy business owners and right-wing "Democrats" doing everything they can to steer Portland away from its progressive roots, and the many gains we've fought for over the past few years. And they're not going to stop until they have a stranglehold on the city and state government. But there is something you can do: Stop believing their constant stream of disinformation, and VOTE.Β 

For over 20 years the Mercury has kept its critical eye on city hall and the rich developers and realtors who are trying to hold it hostage. Our company is in no way connected or beholden to the whims of the Portland Business Alliance, so you can trust that our election endorsements are deeply researched, and decided upon with the best interests of Portlanders in mind.

And oh! We've made it so easy for you to fill out your ballot! If you have the time and interest, check out our lengthy election endorsements, which we spent months working on and researching. Or, if time is of the essence, simply hop over to our handy-dandy VOTER CHEAT SHEET, and fill out your ballot lickety-split! Just drop that ballot off by this coming Tuesday, November 8 and do your part to protect the Portland we love.

AND if you find our endorsements and cheat sheet to be useful, please show your appreciation for our months of hard work and research, and drop us off a small monetary tip! We really appreciate you, too! ❀️

The Mercury's 2022 Endorsements

The Mercury's Handy-Dandy Cheat Sheet