Just when I think everyone must know what a Naked Lady Party is, I turn around and find someone (usually a dude, because as the name suggests, dudes are generally not invited) asking what the what. Fortunately, the folks down at Golden Rule have taken it upon themselves to write out these handy FAQs in advance of their own Naked Lady Party, going down tonight at the shop at 7 pm. It's open to the public, so feel free to grab your has-beens and make some new friends. (If, that is, you're a lady.)

Q: What is a naked lady party?
A: Folks gather all the clothes they don't want anymore and bring them to a designated location. Everyone dumps their clothes on the floor/furniture and start trying on stuff. At the end of the night all attendees leave with new stuff taken from other attendees, and the host donates everything that remains.

Q: Will I get good stuff?
A: It depends on who comes and what they bring. Sometimes you'll score a pair of $200 jeans, or a pair of $500 shoes, other times you'll take home just a few comfy basics. The more people who come, and the more they bring, the better stuff there'll be!

Q: Does it cost?
A: NO! There is no charge for admission and no cost for the clothing you take away. Basically it's a night of free shopping!

Q: Do people really get naked?
A: YES! Most attendees do get naked at least down to their bras and underwear. More modest attendees might wear spandex or something to try stuff on over.

Q: Is there food and drink?
A: Yes, adult beverages will be provided by the host. Attendees are welcome to bring potluck-style food for everyone to share, but it is not mandatory. Bring food if you want, don't if you don't want to.

Q: What if my clothes aren't as good as everyone else's?
A: Bring them anyway. First of all, no one will know they're yours. Secondly, that saying, "One person's trash is another person's treasure," really holds true. Thirdly, who cares! This is your chance to get clothes you like better!

Q: What happens to everything no one wants?
A: Sometimes attendees take their own clothes home to sell elsewhere, or they hold onto them for future naked lady parties. It is the hosts' responsibility to donate everything else.