Have you checked out the Mercury's massive Happy Hour guide on the streets this week? There are almost 80 suggestions of great places to eat and drink on the cheap—but we also asked many of Portland's food and entertainment industry professionals to weigh in with their favorites, which we'll be sharing with you from now until we run out of 'em. Because... knowledge! Here are some great opinions from today's industry pros.

Name and Occupation:
Doug Weiler, Chef at Glyph Café & Arts Space

Favorite happy hour and why?
Kachka, because it is very affordable and damn good food. Unlike anything else in Portland.

Classy or trashy?
I would say Kachka is classy without being pretentious. You feel like you are in mother Russia... without Putin.

Secret guilty pleasure happy hour?
Little Bird Bistro. I could easily sit at the bar by myself and devour the Foie torchon, the entire charcuterie board, and the $5 burger all in one sitting.

Afternoon or late happy hour?
Late night all the way.

Should all happy hours be legally required to give out free Miller High Life?
No, but a tall boy of PBR will do.

What food must be served at all happy hours?
Cheese of some sort.

Kids at happy hour yay or nay?
Nay. Put the kids to bed and go out and enjoy the night.


Your name and job title
Danny McGeough, server at Le Pigeon, and Higgins.

What is your favorite happy hour? Why?
Little Bird and PaaDee for sure!! PaaDee has great snacks, like grilled flank steak and sticky rice, pork skewers and Gyoza, a nice selection of beer and cocktails, and super friendly staff!! Little Bird is great as well... very different. Downtown vibe, off work suits mixed with younger hip crowd. French bistro fare, good burger! Foie and marrow bones are always on point, and a great selection of oysters and killer cocktails.


Is it classy or trashy? Why?
Classy, I guess. Club 21 and Yamhill Pub is where the trashy's at!

What about your secret, guilty-pleasure happy hour?
Holman's for a beer and a corn dawg!

Afternoon or late night happy hours?
Biwa for after work munchies is awesome, also Kachka for vodka-fueled late night dumpling fests.

Should all happy hours be legally required to give out free Miller High Life?
No, I don't think so.

What food must be served at all happy hours?
Fried food of some sort, greasy goodness! And meat, of course.

Kids at happy hour: yay or nay? What about dogs?
I prefer no kids, dogs are fine if they are service dogs.