Have you checked out the Mercury's massive Happy Hour guide on the streets this week? There are almost 80 suggestions of great places to eat and drink on the cheap—but we also asked many of Portland's food and entertainment industry professionals to weigh in with their favorites, which we'll be sharing with you from now until we run out of 'em. Because... knowledge! Here are some great opinions from today's industry pro.

What’s your name and job title?
Gary Okazaki, Professional Glutton

What’s your favorite happy hour? Why?
My favorite HH is at Aviary. It's my favorite HH since this is the one I go to most. My favorite combination is bubbles and a dog as in "slaw dog." I am pretty sure that Sarah uses store-bought hot dogs and buns, but what I enjoy is the pickle and the slaw. It really adds that something special. I also thoroughly enjoy the Brussels sprouts nachos. I find Aviary comforting whether it be for HH or just for a regular meal.

Is it classy or trashy? Why?
It is neither classy or trashy. When I think of classy, I think of MWL, but I don't think it has a HH. And Aviary's HH isn't trashy either.

What’s your secret guilty pleasure happy hour?
I have so many guilty pleasures (McDonald's burgers, thin crust Dominos' Pizza, conveyor belt sushi). I guess the closest I come to a guilty pleasure HH is at Kennedy School's Courtyard Restaurant. Cajun tots!!!

Afternoon or late night?
No doubt: afternoon HHs. I am old, and therefore love those Early Bird specials.

What’s the best/worst thing that’s happened to you at happy hour?
I want to hear what everyone else has to say. Nothing good or bad has ever happened to me at HH. Boring life!

Should all happy hours be legally required to give out free Miller High Life?
"Free" anything is great!!! I am all for free Miller High Life, free PBR, free Coors.

What food must be served at happy hours?
Nachos, burgers, hot dogs.

Kids at Happy Hour: Yay or nay? Dogs?
I love kids and I like dogs (I am more of a cat person), but I don't want to see either at a HH.