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Pro-choice activist Lisa King holds a Keep Abortion Legal sign in front of the US Supreme Court.
Pro-choice activist Lisa King holds a "Keep Abortion Legal" sign in front of the US Supreme Court. Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Good afternoon, Portland: It's a balmy-as-all-get-out 60 degrees out there right now, and the forecast shows no sign of dripping on our tender heads. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE NEWS, you ask?


• Medical providers and political leaders, they're just like the rest of us! Reeling from Monday night's leaked majority opinion draft, which indicated that the Supreme Court of the United States is about to overturn Roe v. Wade, leaders from the city of Portland and wider state of Oregon weighed in on how they plan to support patients in other states, if they suddenly find themselves unable to receive safe and legal abortion care. Mercury News Editor Alex Zielinski reports on statements made and protests planned.

• Mayor Ted Wheeler wants to invest $2.4 million towards mitigating climate change impacts. Is that enough? Is that anywhere near enough??? The Mercury's Isabella Garcia breaks it down.

• The downtown Apple store—which famously drew ire as a symbol of luxury and power during the 2020 George Floyd protests—announced today that it plans to remove the imposing metal fencing that has surrounded predominantly glass structure since February 2021, and replace it with a new polycarbonate structure.

• In this week's Savage Love column, Dan reminds us all that it’s "not okay to take photos or videos of someone performing a sex act without their consent," even if it's someone you're married to and even if your approach to explaining it involves 200 words of preamble because of all your REASONS why you're entitled to it.


• Today in Biden blastin', the president called the idea of the country's Supreme Court throwing out the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion rights ruling "radical." He meant radical like bad, continuing “it will fall on voters to elect pro-choice officials this November.”

• Take a break from running around inside your yellow wallpaper this afternoon to just appreciate the power of these wild boars who have—likely defending their baby boars or a food source—caused several neighborhoods in northern Rome to impose nighttime curfews. BECAUSE THE NIGHT BELONGS TO WILD BOARS. BECAUSE THE NIGHT BELONGS TO US.

• Today in it was the sommelier all along!

• Remember when Donald Trump used to hold events at his own hotels so that his family could make money on it? Well, Trump's inaugural committee has agreed to pay the District of Columbia $750,000 to settle a lawsuit over allegations of misused nonprofit funds while hosting inaugural events in 2017.

• As our freedoms erode, can't we at least allow Bus Driver Dan to steer the busshark of his dreams?