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The January 6 panel revealed even MORE damning evidence against Trump and his co-conspirators today.
The January 6 panel revealed even MORE damning evidence against Trump and his co-conspirators today. Drew Angerer / Getty Images

GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! Hope you enjoyed the nice sunny day forecasters promised us *yesterday.* Tomorrow expect occasional showers with cloudy skies and a high of 61. Now let's get into the NEWS, yuh!


• It's taken awhile to get here, but health officials have identified what could be the first case of monkeypox in Oregon. The person allegedly caught it while traveling to a community where there has been an outbreak, and while the person is currently isolating from others, officials are reminding us that the infection does not easily transmit to others.

• Portland City Council members appear ready to support the redevelopment of what was once known as Lower Albina, a historically Black neighborhood which was wiped out by city projects such as the construction of Interstate 5 and Legacy Emanuel Hospital. The new plan would call for the building of thousands of homes, new public parks, as well as setting up business incubators.

• As a part of the 2022 Mercury Queer Guide, News Editor Alex Zielinski spoke to KGW news anchor Ashley Korslien about the process of creating a true crime podcast about the murder of Vancouver teen Nikki Kuhnhausen, while avoiding harmful LGBTQ+ tropes. Should Be Alive handles Kuhnhausen’s story with investigative vigor and compassion, and includes both new information on the investigation and a broader conversation about anti-trans laws and legal arguments across the US. Check it out!

• Journalist and local music authority Mac Smiff is subbing in for columnist Jenni Moore who is on maternity leave, and wow-wow-wow does he have a lot of great picks! Roullette Delgato, HS.Dro, and so much more are featured in this week's HEAR IN PORTLAND!

• Sandwich lovers rejoice! Starting Monday, June 20 through Sunday, June 26, get deeeeelicious $8 sammies from 30 (!) local restaurants. It’s the Mercury’s SANDWICH WEEK! Eat ’em up!


• And the HITS JUST KEEP ON COMIN' for Donald Trump who was once again eviscerated at the hands of the January 6 panel today. Here are the takeaways: 1) Trump's top advisors (including Giuliani) most likely knew their scheme to overturn the election was illegal, and yet? They kept on keeping on. And Trump knew it as well, and desperately tried to drag Mike Pence along for the criminal ride. 2) Trump lawyer John Eastman asked to be put on Trump's "pardon list"—signifying he knew he was committing a crime, while also revealing the existence of a "pardon list." 3) The panel are now setting their sites on Ginni Thomas—the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas—who had some suspicious communication with Trump lawyer Eastman.

• Unsurprising headline of the day: "Buffalo shooting suspect said he carried out attack 'for the future of the White race'."

• In what must have been the worst meeting ever, billionaire blubbering baby-man Elon Musk addressed the entire Twitter workforce—even though he still hasn't committed to buying it.

• Surprise! Seattle will be one of the hosts of the 2026 World Cup games, along with Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, BC, Kansas City, and more.

• And finally... "Please Just Build a Fucking Train" Guy for President!