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• Patriot Prayer's Joey Gibson (and two of his violent, right-wing compatriots) completed their first day in court today to answer charges of inciting a riot at a popular anti-fascist hangout in May 2019. Our Alex Zielinski will have a day one wrap-up later, but in the meantime catch up on what led to this point with her informative explainer.

• Related reading: "6 members of white supremacist group appear in Idaho court."

• A big day for America at the World Athletic Championships in Eugene—the USA! USA! USA! pulled in a whopping NINE gold medals yesterday in the hammer throw, shot put, pole vault, the 100-yard dash and more.

• Calling all trash collectors! Don't miss the latest edition of Elinor Jones' THE TRASH REPORT. This week: Elon Musk's weird family, Thor's meaty mouth, and... whoopee! Oregon's got a mosquito plague.


• The excessive heat wave that is sweltering parts of Europe (hitting a record breaking 105 degrees in Great Britain) is also causing devastating wildfires in Spain and France. Meanwhile, in America (parts of which are also dealing with oppressive temps), Republicans are doing everything they can to do NOTHING about climate change.

• Despite his attempts to delay it, human turnip Steve Bannon's "contempt of congress" trial began today and a jury of his "peers" (that's a laugh) has been chosen.

• The man who shot and killed three people at an Indiana shopping mall on Sunday has been identified, and authorities are cheering the bystander who shot and killed the shooter. (Note: When it comes to the overwhelming number of mass shootings, in reality these "good guys with a gun" are few and far between.)

• A judge in Charleston, West Virginia, has blocked the state's oppressive abortion ban, allowing the medical procedure to continue... for now.

• Welp, it's a start: "House Democrats tout bill to add four seats to Supreme Court."

• Today's Solar System Porn!

• And finally… you got through Monday—let's do TUESDAY!