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Good Afternoon, Portland! And a perfectly-serviceable—high of 88 degree—Tuesday to you. While we look lustily towards Thursday's projected high of 77, the weekend is beginning to look a little blazed, topping out at 94 and 95, on Saturday and Sunday. But after last week, we can probably do that with one hand tied behind our back.


• During last week's record-breaking stretch of near 100 degree days, the wait time for Portlanders trying to get to a cooling shelters was drastically improved from what it was in June 2021. What happened? Isabella Garcia has the details.

• Over the last six years, Oregon-based journalist Leah Sotille has become an authority on right-wing extremism in the American West. Read Rich Smith's Q & A with her about her new non-fiction book When the Moon Turns to Blood, where she looks for answers surrounding two 2020 killings within the wild world of fringe Mormon super-patriot doomsday preppers.

• As we noted this morning, bike ridership in Portland was down even before the pandemic. However, here's a little good news for Biketown fans:

• What do you call a woman who wants to share her husband with other women?  Sister wives? I'M WRONG. On this week's Savage Love, Dan sought out the host of the Venus Cuckoldress Podcast to find the REAL, RESPECTFUL, and HOT answer.

Other Tuesday things not to overlook:


• Wider news stories are all about trials today. For instance, the Biden administration sued Idaho over a state law barring emergency room doctors from performing abortions to save the lives of their patients. The New York Times reports it's the first such lawsuit since Roe v. Wade was overturned in June.

• Famous novelist Stephen King testified at the trial that will decide if publishing company Penguin Random House should be allowed to buy another publishing house Simon & Schuster. The Justice Department alleges this will create an unfair monopoly. Penguin says Amazon already has one. Here's what King had to say.

• It appears to have been a wild day at a hearing meant to decide how much right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones will be ordered to compensate a family whose child was a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting.

• Tragic but relatable and the sort of thing Alex Jones might do—a man in Utah was arrested after he started a wildfire. He said that he had been trying to burn a nearby spider.

• Here's one for all of you who may be making your way downtown, walking fast:

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