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Good afternoon, Portland! Long Live Kate Bush. Not surprised that Big Boi is one of the few people who actually seems to GET “Running Up That Hill.” Let's lay down some more truth, with Friday's afternoon news!


Happy anniversary to you, Portland's decision to deny Zenith Energy a permit to operate in Northwest Portland. Despite the expired air permit, Zenith continues to ship oil through they city's neighborhoods as the legal battle wages on. Mercury News Reporter Isabella Garcia catches us up on the legal slog to remove the Subduction Zone disaster waiting to happen.

• Yesterday, the Oregon Geographic Names Board announced they will rename Swastika Mountain. So far, none of the prospective new titles for the Eugene area peak refer to any hate symbols. Progress. 

• Pedalpalooza has never had a ride geared exclusively toward Native and Indigenous riders. But this year is different:

• On September 7, Lovely's Fifty Fifty pizzaiola Sarah Minnick will appear on Netflix's Chef's Table—so make sure you get over there for dinner before it's overrun. And there's a new goose-themed sandwich shop in St. Helens, from the founder and co-owner of the extremely fuckwithable Cheese and Crack. Read about all that and more in the Mercury's Food News Round-up.

•  Today Willamette Week 's Sophie Peel reported on a draft ordinance leaked from the mayor's office that shows he's considering incentivizing developers to adapt downtown office space into workforce housing. That's also something we heard Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty talk about in this year's primary endorsement interviews, which cautiously implies there could be more support for it?


Whether, to you, Friday night means poring over an annotated version of the redacted affidavit to search former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home OR just getting the gist before you spring into the night—prepared to scream about it over some loud beers—the New York Times has you covered. Just in awe of Team Interactive Annotated Redacted Affidavit, over here.

• Everyone mourns loss differently. Us? We're sending the ashes of Nichelle Nichols—who is perhaps best known as Lieutenant Uhura from Star Trekinto space. Other people whose ashes we spread in space? James Doohan (Scotty), and Gene Roddenberry (the show's creator).

• Speaking of memorials:

• I love a good "Tell Cersei, I want her to know it was me" joke, but couldn't use this goof on August 12 because the affadavit hadn't actually been released. Now the prophecy is complete:


The search warrant documents related to the Mar-a-Lago raid have not yet been unsealed. Since the attorney general’s announcement, former president Trump has also advocated for the release of the documents on Truth Social.

♬ why yall using this sound - marga