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Good afternoon and congrats on making it through the week, Portland! Here’s some news to occupy the remaining minutes of your work day.

In local news:

• Workers at New Seasons' Woodstock location filed to unionize Friday, marking it the fifth New Seasons store in the Portland area to do so in recent months. Workers are hoping to join the newly created New Seasons Labor Union to argue for higher wages and better workplace injury protections.

• The Oregon Health Authority has expanded eligibility for the Monkeypox vaccine, allowing anyone who knows someone who has monkeypox or who anticipates having skin-to-skin contact with at least one other person to get the vaccine. The state decided to drop references to gender and sexual orientation in its eligibility descriptions, especially now that demand for the vaccine has declined.

• In honor of National Expungement Week, Portland and Clackamas community colleges are running free legal clinics next week to help people file expungement paperwork to clear previous criminal records. Crimes committed multiple years ago, not including murder, driving under the influence, or class A felonies, are typically eligible to be expunged.

• A fun read for your weekend about how cargo bikers are training for the apocalypse earthquake: “When the Big One Hits Portland, Cargo Bikers Will Save You

• Hell yeah, bee gossip:

In national and international news:

• The investigation of a mass burial site in a recently reclaimed area of Ukraine has revealed more than 400 graves. According to investigators, many of the graves contain several bodies of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians who were killed by Russian soldiers. Many of the bodies show signs of torture.

• Facing extreme drought conditions, Los Angeles residents are conserving water at an unprecedented scale—and yet it’s still not enough. Regional officials are coming around to the reality that Southern California needs to invest in long-term water solutions and increase its water recycling program to reduce the region’s reliance on imported water.

• The line to visit the late Queen Elizabeth’s coffin has stretched to five miles, with thousands of mourners waiting for hours to visit the scene in Westminster Hall. Mourners, who are scanned by airport security workers, are permitted on a few seconds to stop in front of the coffin before they are ushered along.

• In an attempt to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15 through Oct 15), the NFL replaced the “N” in NFL with an “Ñ,” tweeting that the design “integrates unmistakable Latin flavor” to the usual NFL logo. Of course, they immediately got blasted for the design on Twitter. In Spanish, “N” and “Ñ” are two different letters, meaning that the logo is misspelled in addition to being just plain ugly.

• And 3… 2… 1… Congrats!