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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! Oh, you thought summer was over? Well put away that pumpkin spice, losers, because today and tomorrow will reach a sunny-funny 85 degrees. Now let's warm up even more with some NEWS.


• Don't miss this illuminating deep dive from the O's Catalina Gaitán, who looks at how small town Gladstone, Oregon is dealing with the same internal political divisions as Portland... and perhaps worse? The unfortunate truth is that the Trump misinformation and racist/homophobic virus has deeply infected almost every community in the nation.

• RELATED: Oregon's Secretary of State is reporting that many election offices around the state are being inundated with bullshit record requests from—ummmm, let's say unsavory sources... okay fine, Trumpers, who are using the "Big Lie" to once again disrupt the fair election process.

• Everybody from Gov. Kate Brown to the U of O's athletic director is apologizing for the "vulgar, anti-Mormon chant" that came from the student section during Sunday's football game against BYU.

• Curious about charter reform and what it entails? Here's a pretty good primer explaining what's in the charter reform ballot measure, and how different aspects of it have worked in other cities. 

• Good news: While they experienced a rough start, Oregon—with help from community organizations—have almost bridged the COVID vaccination gap between Latinos and white Oregonians.

• Calling all trash lovers! 🗑 It's time for the latest TRASH REPORT from Elinor Jones! This week: cat financial advisors, Pink Martini's *very* expensive hoodie, and our newest feature, "What Does Grimes Have to Say?"  🤔

• Shaking the Tree's Fucking A—a riff on Nathanial Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, with abortion substituted for adultery—is shaping up to be one of the most exciting theatrical productions of the year. (And, why yes! It is part of the Mercury's Fall Arts Guide!)


• Heavy rainfall and floods from Hurricane Fiona continue to wreak havoc on Puerto Rico, knocking out power on the entire island as rescue operations continue. To make matters worse, the island is still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Maria which killed 3,000 people in 2017.

• Following a historic, lavish funeral, Queen Elizabeth II has been buried after days where thousands of mourners dutifully filed past her casket.

• Calling all fans of the podcast Serial:

• According to their lawyers, the migrants who were shipped to Martha's Vineyard by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis say they were tricked by brochures given to them by the state promising they'd receive housing, cash assistance, and jobs. Sounds like a pretty clear lawsuit to me!

• Today in "everyday fascism": "More than 1,600 books banned during 2021-22 school year, report finds."

• And finally... everybody, especially pranksters, needs an encouraging mom like this.