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Good morning, Portland! I hope you had a lovely weekend wearing sweaters and thinking about pumpkin spice or however else you prefer to transition into fall. Worth noting that summer's not entirely dead yet: Expect a high of 83 degrees today, followed by a week in the mid-70s. Let's dive into today's headlines: 


- On Friday, the Woodstock New Seasons market became the fifth and latest New Seasons location to join a local unionizing push among the grocery chain. Workers are asking for better wages, higher pay for longtime employees, better workplace injury protections, and an improved sick time policy.

- Join Mercury contributor Martha Daghlian on the immersive wild ride that was the TBA  Festival's audiovisual performance They Can Never Burn the Stars, a "massive, sticky, mutable blob of sound and vision that shifted and morphed as I moved around the room." Or, in other words: TBA at its best.

- OPB's record-based analysis of the Portland Police Bureau's investigation into the 2019 killing of anti-fascist Sean Kealiher show that law enforcement took their dang time to act on key evidence identifying Kealiher's killer early on. Now, the question remains: Why? 

- Damian Lillard (aka DAME D.O.L.L.A.) invited actor/rapper Tobe Nwigwe to the Portland Rose Garden to record this downright beautiful music video: 

- The state Supreme Court won't hear an appeal of a decision made by the Oregon Court of Appeals, reaffirming the lower court's monumental decision on state land use. That decision  determined that Oregon can manage more than 700,000 acres of donated forestland for "a range of values like recreation, water quality and wildlife habitat—not just logging," according to OPB. Logging companies are displeased. 

- Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent a third busload of migrants to Vice President Kamala Harris' house in DC over the weekend, continuing a stunt to use human beings as political pawns. The travelers, including a one-month-old infant, arrived amid a scramble in DC to connect migrants to support after Abbott first dumped immigrants at Harris' home last week. Good news: federal prosecutors are looking into whether or not Abbott and his pal Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis can be charged with human trafficking for these inhumane and immature actions.

- Big if true:

- If you have access to the New York Times, I suggest you make time for this deep dive into how Russian trolls helped unravel the fleeting success of the 2017 Women's March in Washington, DC. It's both surprising and completely unsurprising. 

- All of Puerto Rico lost power Sunday as Hurricane Fiona swept the island, proof that little has been done to stabilize the power grid since Hurricane Maria pummeled Puerto Rico in 2017.

- Some of the bodies exhumed at a massive Ukrainian gravesite discovered after Russian occupation show signs of torture, according to Ukrainian officials. Investigators are continuing to gather evidence at the site of alleged war crimes. 

- Around 2,000 guests are attending Queen Elizabeth's funeral this morning at Westminster Abbey. I hope it's lit. This also means the long lines of people camping out in hopes of seeing the Queen's coffin are no more. On a related note: