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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND!  After a mostly cloudy day, we'll be seeing showers tonight and tomorrow, and... are those snow flurries I see on Saturday? It's like it's still WINTER, or something!! Anyway, check out these flurries of NEWS.


• First things first... ummm... what time is it?

• In other sporty news: The Portland Thorns and Timbers need some good news after two years of near continuous scandals thanks to their management, and this just might be it. Former general counsel Heather Davis has been named the organization's new CEO, replacing Merritt Paulson. She is the first woman to hold the position in the history of the club.

• Yesterday City Council appointed a commission to map out the new voting districts that will help make Charter Reform possible, though there are concerns that a 2025 launch is gonna be tough to accomplish. (So let's hope certain politicians and their wealthy financiers who hated Charter Reform in the first place don't purposefully drag their feet. AND YES, we're watching you! 👀)

• A new statewide rule about wastewater tanks is putting Portland's beloved food carts in danger, according to the owners, who will be forced to increase their wastewater pickup schedule from every few weeks (which costs 90 bucks each time) to almost daily, which could put them in a serious financial bind.

• After being publicly called out on his bullshit, Mayor Wheeler is doing an about-face and has announced the City will accept applications from potential vendors for gunshot detection technology to fight the plague of Portland shootings. Our Isabella Garcia details what caused Wheeler to change his mind, and how the public will finally get a chance to voice their opinion this time around. 

• In this week's hot edition of Jenni Moore's HEAR IN PORTLAND, she has the latest news on a new, obsession-worthy Wynne music video, even more Portland Music Month shows, and wait... the Roots are playing in Portland!? When? Soon!


• A video reportedly depicting the ruthless beating death of a Black man, Tyre Nichols, at the hands of Memphis Police is expected to be released today, and to get ahead of the situation, the city's chief is condemning the officers actions calling them "heinous, reckless, and inhumane" in an attempt to avoid potential riots. 

• After two years of relative bliss, get ready for another potential social media shitstorm as "Meta"—the stupid new name for old, gross Facebook—and Instagram are allowing Donald Trump back on their platforms. However, the company added they are adding new "guardrails" to stop repeat offenders. Sounds like a lot of extra work just to keep one asshole from ruining your dinner party.

• Since Southwest Airlines pooped the bed during their holiday flights meltdown, the company has reported a whopping $220 million in losses last quarter.

• Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff announced today that he'll be joining the California Senate race in a bid to replace Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who's widely expected to retire. He'll need luck since he'll be going head-to-head with the objectively awesome Rep. Katie Porter.

• And finally... A&W takes the M&Ms route.